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    I have received a text message with a picture attached. Picture is not shown, instead there is a link that says get media content now. Clicking on it plays some sound and that's it. How do I get the picture?

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    Try turning your phone off then back on. I used to get this problem on my HTC Arrive and that usually worked.
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    Seems like you either have mobile data switched off, or your MMS settings arent correct?
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    your mobile data is indeed turned off. when i was on thge 300mb plan and got a pic i would get a "data content attached" and say how big the content was but couldnt see it. so i had to turn on my mobile data in settings in the phone then go back to the text msg and click on the link to see the pic.
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    So there's no way to fetch picture attachments without using your cellular data? Why can't wifi work?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Douglas McMillan View Post
    So there's no way to fetch picture attachments without using your cellular data? Why can't wifi work?
    If you are asking for mms, then no, no way you can do this. The picture is store in the carrier network server, which you cannot access it other than using their service.
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