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    I made a very simple visual mod for the DT-900 wireless charger, since I didn't think the charger looked that great on its own.

    I have charged my Lumia 920 on it and it works great. For those who have the charger you all know it gets a bit warm but nothing extreme. The notebook poses a potential fire hazard should the charger get caught on fire, but if that were to happen it would most likely be due to a faulty charging unit since this "mod" doesn't mess with the shell or any of the components inside.

    Disclaimer: I will not be liable for any potential accident due the application of this mod. Proceed at your own risk!

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    Haha nice :P .
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    Haha, this is awesome!
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    User named Vakuum on the norwegian forum I visit mounted his wireless inside his office desk, so he just places his phone down normally on the desk and it starts charging.

    That is fairly ******* awesome too.

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    That's a pretty good use for my old diary...might have to try it...

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