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View Poll Results: How many of you that received one of the first batch of 920s still have their first phone?

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    184 73.60%
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    66 26.40%
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  1. jdhooghe's Avatar

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    How many of you still own one of the first batch of Nokia Phones?
  2. Etyrnus's Avatar

    379 Posts
    I do.
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  3. socialcarpet's Avatar

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    I do. Not a single problem.
  4. si49's Avatar

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    How are people suppose to know if they have a "first batch" device?
  5. Kei Square's Avatar

    73 Posts
    i just dropped mine for the third time out on the streets... this is a slippery phone.. but it took it like a champ... i asked if every one was ok... and laughed " this isn't a iphone" then proceed to show my buddy photo beamer thru his iphone browser...
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  6. tumaykilinc's Avatar

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    Mine is first batch from Europe, i still use it without a problem.
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  7. h4ck3d's Avatar

    16 Posts
    I still have mine, No issues what so ever.
  8. benjames's Avatar

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    Got mine the first day out still have it.
  9. lottidah's Avatar

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    Bought on launch day at an AT&T store, still love the phone!
  10. Muessig's Avatar

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    Got mine the first day it was available here in the UK. Not had a single problem yet. Best thing I ever bought.
  11. fardream's Avatar

    458 Posts
    Quote Originally Posted by jdhooghe View Post
    How many of you still own one of the first batch of Nokia Phones?
    tried a reset to boost battery and it stuck at the Nokia screen.... Att replaced it with a brand new one
  12. fulnix's Avatar

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    Still have mine first batch Red AT&T in Chicago
  13. nokiafan99's Avatar

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    Bought it on Nov 9th, the first it was launch from att store. No problem at all. Battery lasts about a day and few hours here and there.

    My wife got hers L920 cyan on Nov 28th and she also has no issues. Whats your story??
  14. jtes8's Avatar

    9 Posts
    Still going strong on mine
  15. lumianut's Avatar

    49 Posts
    I do! Red!
  16. emiliogomez's Avatar

    13 Posts
    Same here,bought on launch day no issues
  17. akiman911's Avatar

    78 Posts
    Quote Originally Posted by jdhooghe View Post
    How many of you still own one of the first batch of Nokia Phones?

    I envy you all

    I am on my 3rd lumia 920... waiting for 4th from nokia
  18. joeynox's Avatar

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    Preordered cyanl920 & sent it back due to battery issues. Received my replacement on the 21st and it also have battery issues but is better than the first. I'm waiting for Nokia to call me back now. Unless they ship me out a working cyan model in selling my l920 on eBay and getting an android. I'm done with IOS and after this pathetic launch of wp8 and l920 I have a dour taste for this platform which I happen to like for some odd reason.
  19. krystea's Avatar

    161 Posts
    Yup! Had pre-ordered the cyan, still going strong
  20. boatsnbeaches's Avatar

    30 Posts
    A lot of the phone swaps I read about on here strike me as unnecessary. In fact my phone isn't perfect but I'm hanging in there with the random battery bug and I truly believe it to be a software problem that will be fixed. I think while some may have been legitimate swaps, many more probably just coincidentally solved a non-issue. Maybe I'm crazy, but you have to expect some bumps in the road when buying the very latest tech.
  21. InnocuousScreenname's Avatar

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    I still have my Launch Day Black Lumia 920. I thought I had an issue with the battery being stuck at 100%, but it turns out this is a Nokia thing. Something about turning off the battery circuit when it reaches 97% or so charge, but the phone still shows 100% charge, etc. I'd post the site explaining it, but I'm not sure if that's in line with forum rules.

    Anyhow, yeah, Lumia 920 works perfectly.
  22. theta orionis's Avatar

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    Bought my black 920 on launch day (ATT Richmond) and have had none of the problems I'm reading about here. I hope Nokia is taking notice and is working diligently to correct these issues. This is a great phone but if I had waited to get one and then read about these issues, I probably would have passed; (not sure I would have stuck around for a third or fourth phone!) I hope those affected get some satisfaction; this is a seriously good phone!
  23. sinime's Avatar

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    Got mine the day after launch and my wife got one the day after... No issues with either of them.
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  24. n3rfh3rd3r's Avatar

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    I'm still happy with mine. My phone rattles when it vibrates but to me that is more of a design issue and its annoyance or lack thereof is subjective. All of the features work well and since I did a flash of the AT&T firmware detailed in the sticky on how to revive a bricked Lumia I have not had any of of the nagging errors I had previously. Heat is not an issue and after draining the battery and recharging it I get over a day's worth of usage on the phone.
  25. zopapito's Avatar

    8 Posts
    bought mine at launch day, apart from early battery issues (that got fixed) still going strong.
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