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    I saw someone sell this phone on Craigslist for $600, but the price on the box is $711. Roger sell this for $549 before tax. Why the box price is more expensive? Is this real? The color on the box is yellow.


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    Rogers sell for $599 i thought?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mapleleafs89 View Post
    Rogers sell for $599 i thought?
    It's $549.99
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    Quote Originally Posted by garconcn View Post

    On a month to month contract. Outright it will be $50 dollars more than that. They don't advertise the full purchase price.

    In this case, it may very well be over 700 for the full price.
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    The price could be MSRP or could be from some vendor that sell this device.
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    It is around $700 AUD. Telstra Australias biggest Telco is selling it for $656 so i would assume thats pretty accurate. I got mine $699 before it was released

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