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    I've run into a strange one.. I drive and listen to audiobooks often.. like on a daily basis. Today, I'm driving around listening to an audiobook and I start getting 3 very quick beeps/chimes. No email coming in, no text messages, and besides it's a slightly different tone. It's not anything I can figure out. So, I go into audio/sounds and turn off all the audio alerts I can find.. and the three quick beep thing continues.. just seemingly random, every few minutes just "beep beep beep" really quick.

    Anyone know what this is? I can't figure out what's causing it. Minor annoyance. Doesn't happen when not connected to bluetooth, etc. so I'm not sure what the beeping stuff is all about.

  2. Wall Doc's Avatar

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    I get the 3 beeps too and I hope to find out tomorrow what it is!!
  3. tmservo's Avatar

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    I think I figured it out.. it's when the "available" in chat thing is on in the "my places" area..

    Which I'm running into a weird thing on that too.. I'm getting "spam" chat messages, seemingly impersonating real people. Very creepy. What the **** chat service does that thing connect to?
  4. StingWP8's Avatar

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    Do you have Nokia Drive running in the background? I had the same head scratcher until I realized Nokia Drive was telling me I was speeding!

    I suggest you (1) back arrow out of Nokia Drive to shut it down or
    (2) disable the speed limit alarm in Drive's settings or
    (3) Slow down
  5. tmservo's Avatar

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    Oh crap! that could be it, would completely make sense. Seriously, if you do the speed limit in Kansas you're just waiting to get rear ended by a police officer.

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