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    Just wondering, does anyone else have problems with their 920 constantly hanging up on them during phone calls? I'm assuming this is a screen sensitivity problem, as in having the side of your face/cheek touching the screen as it also sometimes switches over to speakerphone, so I'm guessing my face touched the screen buttons. I've been making a concerted effort NOT to touch the screen with my face, yet keep getting hang ups....today in particular, has been a bad hang up day. Is this common?
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    The proximity sensor should turn the display/touch off when your in a call and the device is next to your ear. Is your display staying on while in a phone call and the phone held up to you?
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    Do you have a screen protector on your phone? If you do, it might be interfering the the proximity sensor.
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    You can press the lock button after you answer or make a call while you bring the phone to your face. I pretty much have my finger on that side button while I'm holding the phone anyways.
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    Well, I figured out a simple fix.....I just reset my screen sensitivity from high to normal, and no more problems.
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    I'm reviving this thread as I'm encountering the same problem again.....the first time I posted this issue, I had a bad phone and swapped it for a new one. Now, months later, the new phone is having the same issue, constantly hanging up on me (or hitting the speaker or call hold button) while I hold the phone to my face during a call. A couple things;

    1. There is no screen protector

    2. I notice the face of the phone is constantly lit up while I'm talking....it never goes dark.

    3. I have adjusted the sensitivity of the screen to normal since I got the phone replacement back in December. It was working fine until the last few weeks. Now my frustration level has gotten to the point where it's nearly taken a flight across the room I'm so f#@*king mad at the thing.

    Hopefully one of you have a potential solution. Thanks in advance, for any and all replies.
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    Possibly ur proximity sensor got dirty... try to clean it with blowing compressed air into the earpiece, I think the best place in on a gas station where u blow ur tyres.

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