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    Has anyone had an issue with this?

    My Lumia didnt seem to import any of ym exchange contacts :(

    Also is it possible to remove my hotmail (microsoft account) contacts.. They are all my old msn hotmail ones which are dated and annoying..

    I have set the folder to include contacts but it didnt seem to work.

    Searching AD works fine though
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    Do you have contacts checked in accounts setup. Go to Settings/Email and accounts/ chose your exchange account from the list and make sure the contacts box is checked.

    As for contacts from your Live ID account nothing you can do there those contacts are going to sync nothing you can do about it. Best bet is to delete the contacts you don't want.
  3. Letthiswork1's Avatar

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    Yeah box is checked under my exchange account along with calander which works fine..

    I guess ill try saving all contacts from my iphone onto the sim and then importing.. dont know if it will fit though :(

    Thanks ill just delete all my hotmail contacts i guess

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