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    When I visit my albums section in Photos it shows ALL my folders from Facebook & Skydrive.

    I don't want to show all these folders as there are loads and some of them are replicated because they are on both Facebook & Skydrive.

    Any tips on how to stop this?

    P.S. I am OK with new images being sync'd with SkyDrive just not the other way round.


    P.P.S Any news on whatsapp becoming available?
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    I'm looking for this aswell.

    I want to manually choose what albums to have on my phone, and right now I'm both stuck with 35 Facebook-albums, and my SkyDrive-photos..

    I want to know how to:

    1: Delete photoalbums that I don't want on my phone.

    2: Choose what albums/apps to sync photos with my phone or not.
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    I figured out the facebook-issue, thanks to a post by Ronin1019 in a similar post here on wpcentral.

    1: Go to settings
    2: Go to email + accounts
    3: Hold your finger on the Facebook-account, and choose "delete" .

    This only deletes your Windows Phone 8 Facebook-acoount that you set up when you first booted your phone.

    I'd rather reccomend using the Facebook-app from the Nokia App Store instead, which works more like Facebook should.

    (Warning: Deleting the account from your accounts, this WILL delete all the integration you might have with facebook other than your photosync, so that all facebook-activity now must be done trough the app itself.)
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    it only downloads the pics if you view them...it isn't like it is taking up space or data bandwidth. If you don't want your phone connected to SkyDrive, I think you got the wrong phone, haha.

    It seems to me that the albums are sorted by recent usage, so the albums that I don't view on FB often are way towards the bottom. They don't hurt anyone down there!

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