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    Hi guys,

    We're all still waiting on the 920 here in (snowy) Holland, so I'd like to have a little comparison to kill the time. I'm a bit concerned about the 920's daylight photo quality, but I don't know how good a picture taken by a 920 looks until I can compare it to pictures I take with my iPhone 4. Is there someone who can post a comparison or does anyone know a link? (no 4s or 5!)
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    Don't have an iPhone 4, but Nokia already acknowledged the not so awesome daylight photos and they're working on a fix... So keep calm ;)
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    Once that fix comes the 920's camera should blow away any iPhone camera. It already does in low light.
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    iPhone 4 vs 920?

    Get out of here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ttsoldier View Post
    iPhone 4 vs 920?

    Get out of here.
    I second that.
    Goodness, even iPhone 5's camera does not even beat 920's in lowlight situations! Where will the iPhone 4 stand.

    On a side note, 920 is way better than iPhone 4S, so imagine comparing to the (inferior) iPhone 4.
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    I own the non-S iPhone4 and I have compared shots with a friend who does own the Lumia 920. If there is currently a 'problem' with daytime photos, the 920's 'problem' is still better than the iPhone 4! And if you were to compare any low light shots (and don't just think NIGHT, think any photo when the sun starts going down, or if there is imperfect indoor lighting, you don't live in a light studio, etc), then there is NO COMPARISON. My shots are very grainy.

    And don't underestimate the importance of image stabilization that also means better photos. Doesn't address the optics (which is better anyway), but a more stable shot means a better picture.
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    I've no doubt that even with the camera bug the 920 camera is better, but I'd just like to see a side by side comparison so I can see how much better the 920 is ;) Although that will probably make me want it even more and we still have to wait for a month...

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