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    Hello everyone,

    What is the easiest way to transfer music to my phone without Zune Software?

    I have tried:
    Skydrive (for some reason i can't download from my Skydrive)
    Bluetooth (file tranfer does not work for me)
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    I'm a complete noob with WP of any version and ended up connecting my phone to my Win7 PC with USB cable and was prompted to install WP8 software on the PC. After installing you are given the option of what file types to sync. I just synced music and all music including DRM music was synched to the phone and playable using XBOX music. However, album art isn't working anymore for most of the music as I selected the option somewhere to use online album art and data. I did not have the double album folder issue that some folks have posted.

    I tried SkyDrive first but was not able to even play any DRM music placed on SkyDrive using the PC, just non-DRM music could be opened.

    I haven't tried synching any music from iTunes yet as that's all on a different PC and nano.
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    The phone will also show up as a hard drive in Windows. You can just drag and drop that way as well.
  4. stueyh84's Avatar

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    MusicBee has been the best one I've found, also has the ability to sync your playlists, which none of the other music apps could do
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    I use Explorer in Windows 7 to drag and drop media onto my phone. Works every time. Win7 sees the phone as a drive...
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    Not on my PC it doesn't. (HP Netbook runnung W8)
  7. Codemeup's Avatar

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    You may wirelessly transfer/copy music files to your Windows Phone via a web browser using the updated version of Music Drop by Codeceptive Studios. The first version was great but the new one is even better! And what's best about this app: it's fast, efficient and most of all free ;-)
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    Same case with me, can't transfer music to my phone without Zune Software
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    Need help, have hooked up my phone to my computer but I can't download music from my computer to my phone Nokia Lumia 710, can anyone help please.

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