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    So my 920 has been working perfectly since I received it, however the past week or so I've been having issues with my syncs.

    I can't send or receive texts, email isn't syncing, and I don't get calls. Once I see I have the issue(by not being able to text) I have to turn my phone on and off for it to update. Even then it sometimes won't do i(like now :/)

    anyone else having issues like this?
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    After doing some more surfing I've uninstalled Skype to see if this does anything. I'm getting a few of the bugs that people are reporting from it as well, and maybe it's causing these issues too. Now taht I have my Win8 installed I really don't need it on my phone so much.

    Still if anyone has any other suggestions, then still post them, cause idk if this will work.

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