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    So, I just noticed recently that the live tile oh my ESPN map from Nokia only shows around 15% or less than it is supposed to (when it flips to show game scores). The remaining part of the life tile just shows a block of my accent color

    Has anyone experienced something similar? If so, how were you able to fix it?
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    Nope. I've experienced the tile not updating the current score. It'll show the same score the next day, until another one of my favorite teams play.

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    Yes. The same thing is happening with my ESPN live tile. I've unpinned it and repinned it to no avail. I haven't messed with it since. I'm not sure when it started, but it's been maybe a day. Even when the tile wasn't screwed up, but the updates kinda sucked. It showed the 3rd quarter score of a football game for probably a week, until one of my other "favorites" started playing.
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    Same issue on the ESPN one (non-Nokia), and the Windows 8 version. I suspect it's something to do with the server.

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