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    I am lucky enough to have both of these phones. Unfortunately, a reset sent them both into the dreaded splash screen. I used the process in the forums to flash them back to life, but this seems to be a little ridiculous.
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    Sorry to hear that.
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    Ok - I had a bricked Lumia 820 that got into a continuous gear-wheel display after an OS software update. I left the phone overnight for this to clear and it didn't - I then embarked on various reset actions which sometimes put it in flash mode (lighning icon and gear wheel combined) and sometimes returned it to spinning gears display. Looking on-line I was directed towards "Navifirm Plus" and Nokia Care Suite (NCS) to re-flash the phone. First piece of advise is don't try to implement any corrective work in this respect using a 64-bit PC. For whatever reason I wasted a lot of time trying to re-flash using the on-line examples (and there are many) from my 64-bit laptop - it just didn't work. After moving to my 32bit PC I downloaded NCS.

    Version 4.00(2012.31.1) of the Nokia Care Suite (NCS) seems to negate the need for Navifirm Plus as it has a full download and flash tool integrated in it so don't worry about Navifirm - I didn't need it.

    Here's what I did from my 32-bit PC!

    • Download and run NCS Version 4.00[2012.31.1] (or above I assume)
    • Select "Product Support Tool For Store 5.0" from the main screen
    • Select "Programming" from the bottom left of the Product Support Tool screen
    • Select "Recovery"
    • Click "Find online..." in the recovery screen
    • Note:, my Nokia was a SIM free unbranded and I had to take a guess at the right firmware and went for the version that was coded "059R096" and to all intents and purposes I got it right. I will update this post if I find gremlins later!
    • It's a 1.25Gb download so make tea and stock up on snacks.
    • Note: My phone showed 'no connection' in the top right of the Product Support Tool all the way through this procedure - it doesn't seem to need to 'connect' to flash.
    • The download will... download and then follow the on-screen prompts that walk you through a phone reboot and a flash upgrade.
    • Brick, unbricked. I was soooo relieved!

    The whole process took me about 20mins including download time after 9hrs of button combination pressing and battery dumping etc etc - so hope this entry helps someone else.

    Good luck!
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    Hey do you have the firmaware / cache of lumia 820 , i see nokia has shutdown their servers for download of latest firmware. My phone is bricked and im unable to restart it.
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    I had the same thing happen on vacation. With no computer around I searched for every reset method available. Eventually I landed upon a weird startup key combo. After getting royally pissed and frustrated I put my phone down. Two minutes later it booted! Have hope, search for hard reset boot combinations, try them all. Its not going to hurt since its "bricked" anyway.

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