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    I have several Voicemail that is stuck on the server right now. Visual voicemail is stuck at "syncing". If I manually dial my voicemail, then I can hear that there are several unheard voicemail that is not syncing right now.

    I'm assuming this is ATT's problem?

    How about you guys, any problem?
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    I had this problem last night for about six hours. I thought it was the MetroTalk update, but eventually figured out it wasn't. It cleared up around 12:30am, 1am here in Indiana. My girlfriend's iPhone was also down for visual voicemail at the same time we discovered. So, def an AT&T thing.
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    I switched to Youmail a few years ago, and would never, ever go back.
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    Yeah, i had problems lastnight it would try to sync and all of my VM came in late.
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    Okay, thanks guys. Just want to make sure it's not my device that is faulty. lol.

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