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    I've noticed since synching facebook that my phone dialer is now full of #'s from people on facebook. I *really* don't want that cluttering up my phonebook, anyone know of a way to remove facebook contact numbers from the phonebook?
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    People Hub > Three Dots (bottom right) > Settings > Filter My Contact List
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    In settings, go to filter my contact list, uncheck Facebook.
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    Awesome, many thanks guys.
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    what if facebook box is not checked and still I see the facebook contacts :S
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    If a contact yiu already had, has the same exact name of a Facebook friend, they get merged in one
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    Can someone help me with this please,

    I've unselected the Facebook - People > Settings > Filter contacts list, but the Facebook contacts still appear on the phonebook.
    Is there any way of selecting which facebook friends I want to be displayed in the Phonebook.

    (they dont appear in People screen, but they still appear in Phonebook, even if filter unticked)
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    Go to your facebook app--> settings--> turn off the option with "Connect With my phone"
    After you do it the facebook option in your phone settings under people will get automatically removed :D
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    please let me know if you find out, did all that they said to do, still all fb contacts there, uninstalled fb, factory reset twice, still all there
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    please i'd like to know this also.... have done all of the above, even unfriended the contact i want removed, yet the number is still in contacts...
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    Hi, this method from techknowzone worked perfectly for me. Hope it helps :)

    How to Unsync Facebook Contacts from Windows 8.1 OS running smartphones:

    This will help you delete facebook contacts from your Windows or Nokia lumia device.

    1. Tap on the facebook app in your windows device to launch it, and on the right side top of the page tap on the three lines icon
    2. Scroll down in the list and tap on Settings.
    3. Now from the Settings options, tap on Connect with my Phone which will be On if you are seeing facebook contacts in your windows phone contacts app.
    4. From the page which opens, you have to tap on the bar on the left side which will turn the contacts sync Off.

    That is it. Now the facebook contacts will not appear in your device contacts app and you can always turn it on if you want to, by going to the Connect with my phone and turning the option to ON and then tapping on the Sync now option.

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