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    I've noticed since synching facebook that my phone dialer is now full of #'s from people on facebook. I *really* don't want that cluttering up my phonebook, anyone know of a way to remove facebook contact numbers from the phonebook?
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    People Hub > Three Dots (bottom right) > Settings > Filter My Contact List
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    In settings, go to filter my contact list, uncheck Facebook.
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    Awesome, many thanks guys.
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    what if facebook box is not checked and still I see the facebook contacts :S
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    If a contact yiu already had, has the same exact name of a Facebook friend, they get merged in one
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    Can someone help me with this please,

    I've unselected the Facebook - People > Settings > Filter contacts list, but the Facebook contacts still appear on the phonebook.
    Is there any way of selecting which facebook friends I want to be displayed in the Phonebook.

    (they dont appear in People screen, but they still appear in Phonebook, even if filter unticked)
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    Go to your facebook app--> settings--> turn off the option with "Connect With my phone"
    After you do it the facebook option in your phone settings under people will get automatically removed :D
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    please let me know if you find out, did all that they said to do, still all fb contacts there, uninstalled fb, factory reset twice, still all there
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    please i'd like to know this also.... have done all of the above, even unfriended the contact i want removed, yet the number is still in contacts...

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