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    I originally had a HTC 8X, it kept rebooting so I exchanged for a lumia 920 and have been really happy with it.

    Until I tested out Nokia Music.

    Having had no issues for the 2 weeks I've had the phone, since using Nokia music the phone keeps rebooting. I have not updated anything or installed any new apps etc, the only thing I have done differently is create 2 offline mixes in Nokia Music.

    On top of this, sometimes the music just stops midway through and the app seems to crash (not in the last few apps open on back button hold).

    Has anyone else had these issues?
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    Sorry dude, no probs with Nokia Music so far. And I use it a lot. Maybe re-install the app may help?
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    Can't really help, but this is interesting because I bought my phone on launch day, 11/9 and the next day my phone rebooted while I was using Nokia music. It never happened again, and so far this has been my one and only reboot. You should definitely try to re-install the app.

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