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  • 1 Post By prometheusdc
  1. prometheusdc's Avatar

    6 Posts
    I know most people here have already received their Lumia 920s, but not all of us were early adopters. I placed my order for a Cyan 920 from my local AT&T store on Monday, Dec. 10.

    They are, of course, out of stock (as is the Website). Does anyone know when these might appear stateside again? On the AT&T Website, it used to say "Ships in 7-14 days", but even that is gone for some of the colors.



    Very excited to be leaving my tiny-screened iPhone 4S behind!
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  2. kevin2577's Avatar

    283 Posts
    If you are close enough to a Microsoft store their stock and color variety is better in my opinion. I was able to walk in, no calling ahead, buy a Cyan 920 on AT&T and walk out happy. I know they also take online orders as well
  3. prometheusdc's Avatar

    6 Posts
    That's good to know. But you don't get a free wireless charger when you buy from MS, do you?
  4. ARVI_SD's Avatar

    85 Posts
    Don't get free wireless charger and phone is $500

    so it's $100 more than AT&T price :-(
  5. Vinnio's Avatar

    10 Posts
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    14 Global Posts
    I don't believe you get the charging plate anywhere except AT&T. I called my local Best Buy and they said they would have to order the phone (I also want it in Cyan) and it would take about 1-2 weeks but I'm kind of skeptical about that considering no other company has Cyan in stock besides MS. When I asked about the charging plate deal the sales rep had no idea what I was talking about.

    Edit: I also talked to a Microsoft Store sales rep and she said they had Cyan in stock with supposedly no shipping delay but she wasn't sure about the charging pad deal either.

    I've heard other people being able to get the free charging plate by just calling AT&T even though they bought it at BB or MS. Not sure on the success rate of that though.

    I also asked an AT&T sales rep and she gave me the usual "we get shipments every day but we don't know when that color will come in". They did have Red/Black/White in stock though but I'm completely bummed since I really wanted Cyan....

    It's been about 2 weeks since I've been interested in the 920 and no word of re-stock of the color and I'm getting a bit impatient. It's either Cyan with no charging plate through BB or Red through AT&T with plate.
    Or I could just wait longer.... but God knows when...
    Last edited by Vinnio; 12-15-2012 at 06:52 PM.
  6. kevin2577's Avatar

    283 Posts
    Microsoft store will use the same pricing as AT&T, I was eligible for an upgrade so I bought my Lumia there for $99. For the free charger you have two options, and depending on your luck you may end up with better or worse outcomes. The Microsoft store I went to offered to match the AT&T Wireless charger promo, but didn't have any in stock, so I called AT&T and told them that I bought a Lumia at the Microsoft store because no AT&T store in my area had the Cyan one, and they didn't have any Wireless chargers in stock. AT&T CSR agreed to send me a wireless charging plate free to honor the offer. Then a few days later Microsoft Store called me and offered me the wireless charging stand for free since they didn't have a plate. So I ended up with the color I wanted, the price I wanted, and 2 wireless chargers (well one was shipped, I still have to go pick up the other one)
  7. Vinnio's Avatar

    10 Posts
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    14 Global Posts
    Does Microsoft Store have a return/exchange policy like AT&T? I don't have a Microsoft Store anywhere near my area so if I had a defect with my phone it'd be a big hassle to get it fixed.
  8. greg_mitch's Avatar

    17 Posts
    I've had my cyan on backorder since 11/11/12. Thinking that something got screwed up and I should cancel...
  9. prometheusdc's Avatar

    6 Posts
    Did you have to activate it in store? I ask because I' m doing a cross- upgrade -- using my wife's eligibility for an upgrade. Does anyone know if you can do that in the MS store?
  10. npyle's Avatar

    34 Posts
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    220 Global Posts
    I've had Cyan on order since 11/13 and nothing as of yet. Check with my AT&T rep and he says they're waiting on word from corporate on when they will be getting more in. Wish they would've ordered more initially, but can understand why they didn't based on previous sales, future, etc. of Nokia.
  11. prometheusdc's Avatar

    6 Posts
    Just checked and all colors are in stock. Huzzah! Oh, well, all colors are in stock EXCEPT FOR THE CYAN! WTH?
  12. MIKEVCAMPBELL's Avatar

    8 Posts
    Be careful with the Microsoft Store online!! I purchased a cyan Lumia 920 for my wife after confirming with someone both on chat and over the phone that they were in stock and would ship immediately. I was skeptical because it was out of stock everywhere else but I thought 'well it's Microsoft, I guess they get perks.' They don't. After telling me that I would get the phone tomorrow for about a week it showed up as out of stock on the website and I was told that they never had it. I love my 920 and I love what Microsoft is doing but this has been a freaking headache.
  13. greak94's Avatar

    13 Posts
    Any news from anybody on this from anybody. Going on almost 3 months for me from Walmart and still havnt got any info.
  14. cme4oil's Avatar

    39 Posts
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    46 Global Posts
    I ordered a cyan on AT&T wireless site a couple weeks ago, it came along with the free wireless charger in 2 days. I must have been extremely lucky or something..

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