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    They seem to be getting worse, and I promise I shower daily! OS this something that can be warranted?

    My battery also seems to be getting funky. After a full charge, and surfing over wifi, it got 75% juice in about an hour.

    Are these warranty replacement issues?

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    Just take it in due to the battery. Or get a case for the phone.

    I purchased a Rock Sand case from eBay for $7 and it was the best $7 I ever spent.
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    I got this thing you called "staining" within hours of using the phone. I don't know what it is. I think it's the new finish wearing off a bit. I've decided not to concern myself with this minor defect. It's only noticeable when the light hits it right. If it bothers you, get some protection for the case.
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    I'm thinking future resale value more than anything else.
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    This bothered me as well but I found a way to get rid of those stains

    You just need a fine cloth.... Luckily one is in my jacket to clean ski goggles (those work great)

    Any microfiber should work, or something like a car shammy

    Matte finishes are notoriously hard to clean but small circular motions makes mine looking like new

    Hope this helps

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