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    I need some serious help ya'll. I'm about to make the move from gmail to outlook but there seems to be a problem. Currently I use my gmail account to sign in to all my Windows devices and accounts. Apparently if I rename my account to an Outlook one I'll have to reset my Lumia 920 and re-set it up. This seems like a huge hassle just to change "gmail" to "outlook" on a WINDOWS DEVICE. Has anyone else encountered this same situation? Any other way around it?

    Outlook Blog - Upgrade from Hotmail to Outlook.com
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    Yes, I guess found this out as well. What a mess. As far as I can tell, we'll have to re-set it up. Pissed at the moment at the whole thing.
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    DO NOT RESET YOUR PHONE! I just tried this and it will do nothing. It will continue saying the same error message.
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    Leave your account the same as you have it setup and create a alias in outlook and use that for your send and receive emails.
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