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    Hey everyone, I've been using the Lumia 920 for a month now and I am loving it, apart from the battery issues that I had in the beginning, but now it has been great. I am having the overheating issue and I don't think it will go away (Rogers phone 45/2012 build), now that does not bother me at all, but as an avid eBook reader, I tend to read for more than an hour sometimes. What bothers me is that will the overheating issue crash/brick/deteriorate my phone? And did I mention that the L920 is a great mini eBook reader? :)
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    I highly doubt it will, I build computers and the PCB that are in electronics can withstand temps up to 110c most of the time; So unless your phone is getting 110c and you have to wear an oven mitt to hold it, you should be fine :D
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    That's great to hear!I was just worried because whenever I use it for long periods of time there is a concentration of heat on the top part of the phone but none on the bottom, and the battery would jump down to 6 hours remaining and that's on a full charge, then jump right back at 1 day and x hours.
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    Mine heats up on the top too while the bottom is just fine. The electronics should be fine but batteries hate high temperatures. I believe the battery is on the bottom though (An inside look at the Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone | Windows Phone Central) and it's mostly all the chips (processor, wireless, NFC, etc.) on the top that are heating up.
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