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    Hey, people at Instagram. I think Berlusconi has a new Nokia is lacking your app. Maybe you release it fast, before he talk to his Mobile shop friend in Palermo... Might'te be better for your health. ;-)
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    I'm in Youngstown, Ohio, and I've actually had several people ask about my Lumia. I was at Pizza Hut and my waitress noticed my red phone and asked what it was. I was at Chic-Fil-A and one of the staff saw it and actually knew what it was... most surprising since she's an older lady. She was interested in it, so she asked how I like it. I've had several people ask about Surface too when they see me with it. I've had countless coworkers asking about them both.

    This is a very good thing. I'm excited that people are actually noticing. Whether it turns into purchases or not is another matter... I know one of my coworkers went to T-Mobile store intending to buy the 810, but was "pressured" into a Galaxy S3, because according to the sales rep, "Windows Phone is too techy." But people are getting exposure, and if the experience we report is positive (and it largely is, bugs aside), it will translate into continued interest... FINALLY.
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    While I have not seen a lot of Win 8 phones myself, people do recognize my phone when it is out (920).....which is very different from my experience with 900.
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    Thanks for explaining Instagram to me the outsider ;-)
    I always wonder how this crap (sorry ot say this, but that's my impression after wachting that clip) gets so popular? It seems to be like these thinks that get popular, becomes the "IN" thing to do, making you an outsider if you don't, and nobody really knows why. Reminds me of certain girls/boys in school who were popular, and if you once asked why, nobody could give real good reasons beyond "She's cool". I'm not sure, but I guess that people who are aksing for the the point of a certain app are not the ones to download and use it without thingking ... I don't know. But what can I say, I never got the point of Facebook either (And I tried it out! The account has been deleted meanwhile). Well, a shoulder-shrug-smilie is very much missed now ... seems to be one of those things I'm not meant to get.

    Back to subject ... I've only seen one Lumia 920 in the wild so war, by a lady standing at the opposite side of the road. Guess the size is no issue for ladies as we can put it into our handbags easily I guess my yellow Lumia will attract quite a few stares as I've never seen anyone with a yellow phone in the wild!

    I know one of my coworkers went to T-Mobile store intending to buy the 810, but was "pressured" into a Galaxy S3, because according to the sales rep, "Windows Phone is too techy."
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    At the university where I work, I get a lot of traffic outside my office window and I have seen more WP8 users. I could easily spot the Lumia 920 owners especially with the size and unique colors. So far, I've had six students in the past couple weeks showing me a WP8 with all but one owning a Lumia 920. The other one was a Lumia 810 with T-Mobile.
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    I hear ya. Reason I didn't switch to fruitphone is because I'm seeing them every where, and being Asian, I didn't want to fit in the typical stereotyping group. I didn't like izoid,because I value my privacy and security of the net. I like windows mainly because I believe bill and Melinda gates are doing good deeds to help out third world countries.

    I've always liked Nokia, but after N900, I made the switch to windows os, and have been very loyal to windows since.
    Although, I did buy iPad, iMac. But they are now collecting dust in my bedroom closet.

    As per my profile. I used to have HD7, but gave it to my nephew. I also bought N900, and also gave that to my niece. Pretty soon my surface rt will be handed over to my sister. Don't know how long my Nokia 920 will be with me, but if surface phone , or Nokia 930 are coming. I'll be getting one of them.
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    Hey guys, here in Turkey things are moving slow for Windows Phones. I got my white 920 about a month ago from a Nokia Shop, and the guys there said that every single shipment they got was sold within the hour. I am working at a university and the students are quite trigger happy to jump on any new tech that's out there even if it is not officially sold in Turkey. As of yet I have only seen one student with a WP8 device. By the way I also got a Surface from a friend who is doing his doctorate in the States and am loving it.

    One other thing, my 920 got stuck after a hard reset and it seems Nokia does not do a refund or replacement here in Turkey, so I had to have it serviced which took about a week.
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    be yourselves, let no stereotype shape your decision. Like fruit get fruit, my two cents.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zyran View Post
    It doesn't matter if Instagram is an app to weigh how much I pooped today or if an app which could end poverty with one tap, if the lack of it is putting people off WP, it is important.
    Sad but true.

    Sadder yet, when Instagram finally makes its way over to Windows Phone it will be passe and something else will become the must have app.
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    I dunno. It is a bit like saying "we cannot succeed until Google Maps is on our platform." Not sure if I buy it.

    More focus should go towards emphasizing WP only apps that people will want, rather than catching up to the mediocre stuff on other platforms with a crappy port.

    For instance, I recently blew away a Google-employee colleague by showing him MetroTube. His jaw was just on the floor. He was a little steamed when I told him that Google's pronouncement that it won't develop for WP means that we will actually see good apps with fluid UI and no spyware. ;)
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    I don't get it with instagram. It totally trashes otherwise good photos.
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    Quote Originally Posted by smartrthanu View Post
    To be honest...I knew one of the new owners pretty well. He saw my 900 and my 920 but told him to buy what he wants because I really don't want to be responsible for someone's smartphone happyness. I've been there...it's not worth it. Every issue they have becomes yours. But what I did tell him was to try whatever he wants, and if you're not happy happy, return it (AT&T) and try the 920. So he "tried" the HTC One-X+, said it was fun but just too much work and not "easy" (previous iPhone user). He does a lot of group text messaging and said he simply couldn't deal with android's group text (lack thereof) so he decided to try the 920. Long story short, the quote was "best

    how do I group text?phone i've ever owned...where's the instagram app?"
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    Sorry for the bum message above. I wanted to ask how I group text. My android was great at scrolling down the list and selecting people, can I do that on my Lumia? Also, is there any way to make it use a capital "I" when texting without using the caps button?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Techblogger View Post
    I don't get it with instagram. It totally trashes otherwise good photos.
    A lot of people post their photos without adding filters. Or they use a separate app to edit their shots and then upload it to instagram. The draw is definitely the community. Its just like twitter but with photos. People also get trapped into the whole, measuring their self-worth by how many followers they have. haha
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    I saw another guy with a Lumia 920 (He had a black one also) at the coffee shop today, and we high fived each other! It was pretty hilarious / geeky, but it made us both laugh ;)
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    just show people how to use one of the MANY photo filter apps and post it to facebook. That's all those douches want to do anyways...take their ****ty pictures and make them ****tier so they can show their friends.
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    Lol all the hate for instagram. I know a lot of clothing brands post to instagram heavily with lots of followers. Mostly brands owned by young people in the 20's to mid 30's. Instagram is a valuable tool for many.
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    Quote Originally Posted by inteller View Post
    just show people how to use one of the MANY photo filter apps and post it to facebook. That's all those douches want to do anyways...take their ****ty pictures and make them ****tier so they can show their friends.
    Wow.....who kicked your puppies today, lol
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    At the end of the day, there are those who overhype the greatness of Instagram and there are those who make sweeping general statements on how the app sucks or isn't necessary for WP8. Bottom line, its a popular app and it wouldn't hurt to have the app on Windows Phone
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    I promote Lumia 920, but I do so by explaining how it adds value to my life, and I don't bother trying to sell it to people over iPhone or Android, that's their call to make.

    I simply say, "well, I travel for work purposes quite a bit, and I just can't live without using Bing Translator to interpret languages I don't understand. I love Nokia Drive and Maps, especially in terms of being able to preload maps and not worry about data consumption while trying to get around. Exchange calendar and contacts integration is pretty good, in addition to the email, at the end of the day this is a phone so being able to do what I can is more than sufficient. Apps here are alright, can't compare to iPhone, but you get YouTube, social networking, Skype and Angry Birds..."

    Trust me, normal people get hooked in pretty quickly on these things. The ones who are tied to iPhone/Android deeply aren't going to budge, forget them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by peachy001 View Post
    I wanted to ask how I group text. My android was great at scrolling down the list and selecting people, can I do that on my Lumia?
    1) You can create a group ahead of time in the People app, then just text the whole group whenever you want.
    2) You can type names of people directly into the "To:" box with the help of autocomplete.

    Quote Originally Posted by peachy001 View Post
    Also, is there any way to make it use a capital "I" when texting without using the caps button?
    WP automatically does this for you.
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    Haven't seen too many out there just yet. But did get a "damn, is that yellow 920?" look at my local donut shop the other day. Lol. Also at the drive thru, a girl asked is it that "New" phone? Obviously she couldn't remember the name. Said she almost got one, but went with an S3 instead. I smiled and gave her a real sincere, Ohh, my bad that you did that. Haha! She couldn't help but laugh too though. Only myself and another IT guy at my work have one and he has cyan. Although my boss and a few others in the Office are ready to get rid of their apple stuff after seeing the 920 and my Surface. Seriously though, it all comes down to people just stepping away from the norm and they see that there's more out there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ttsoldier View Post
    At the end of the day, it doesn't matter if you know about the app or not. Whether you use it or not, or whether you like it or not.

    It is what is popular, and it IS where the users are.
    It is what counts.
    I don't want that crappy instagram app on my phone, at the end of the day that's why i have a Windows Phone because i'm different. Not like those iphone fans that just buy anything that has an Apple logo on it
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    Haha that's awesome, I would totally high five ppl with L920! As long as it won't be too awkward..
    Sent from my Nokia Lumia 920 using Board Express
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    I live in "apple land" ... I am yet to see even one 920 on the street or whatever. So many iPhones.. I would say 99% of my friends all have iPhones.. couple of droids.. and that is it.

    Its good to know that more and more people are using them.. Nokia really needs that to get some traction.

    Also.. I would bet that there are way more 920s in the US than anywhere else in the world at this point.

    GSMarena recently changed their voting system (to fight the trolls) and I think its much better now.. the 920 has been at no.1 for a while..

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