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    Hi, I have a matte black Lumia 920 but it's defective and Nokia promised that they will send me a brand new unit. This time I picked red one. How scratch prone are glossy variants? I don't want another black one as matte rubs off very fast and catches grease like crazy.. is red a good decision? What are pros and cons of matte and glossy lumias?
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    They do scratch pretty easily, but nothing horrible. Minor scratches (on my white 920)..so i've ordered clear body protectors (screen protector materials)..i'm really jealous you got the red though :(
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    I have heard that the glossy scratches more easily, yes. Another reason I'm glad I got the matte black (the only one available in my amazing country)
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    I have a glossy white 920 for 1 month now and I haven't noticed any scratches whatsoever. Also, on the glossy white one finger prints seem invisible :) Do you see any fingerprints on your red back? I personally like the look and feel of matte polycarbonate, but I have seen too many people with HTC's and some with Nokia's where the material gets dirty and there doesn't seem a possibility to clean it properly. With glossy polycarbonate you will never have that problem.
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    I have the white as well since it was available and I can't see any scratches either. The white is far better at hiding minor blemishes than any of the other glossy colors though, that is one of the reasons I chose it.

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