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    I got some updates yesterday, and then 3 hours later my battery was almost dying, and my phone was hot for quite some time. It's all back to normal today though.

    Did anyone else experience this?
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    Not quite sure if it was the same thing...

    Got whatsapp, metro tube update, fully charged, sleep for 8 hours while aeroplane mode on, then battery dropped to 76%.

    Before that battery only drop 2% over the night

    So I uninstalled whatsapp, restarted, now it seems to be normal again
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    Why yes, I did have an unexplained drain yesterday. I was not even using the phone and had to plug it in twice. I restarted it later in the evening and plugged it in overnight. Working perfectly again today. Every once in a while I get an inexplicable drain and if I restart the phone it seems to fix it, at least for me it fixes it. And yes, I also had some updates yesterday.
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    Whatsapp update maybe? I also experienced it.

    Or.... the big outage Whatsapp had (https://twitter.com/wa_status) in combination with the update maybe.
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    Wrote a long thing about my strange battery drain today and then I realized that the charger had been plugged into the computer that was turned off last night, and not plugged into the wall socket. So I never did charge ot during the night after all. Sorry. I know this information doesn't help anyone else.

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