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  • 1 Post By Byzantium
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    Seriously. I don't like the Cyan color for the Lumia but this would have made me go out and pay $450 just to have it around to look at and possibly use as a main phone while keeping the Android in my car as a backup.
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    I doubt it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Blake View Post
    I doubt it.
    It's a shame because I think Nokia would benefit from at least one more manly color besides black.
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    the red looks manly enough....
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    Yeah, I feel the red Lumia 920 is pretty manly too... but I agree... I'd have loved to see a darker red or blue option, and non-glossy would have been better.
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    That California Blue is pretty sweet.
    Make with the WP purchase already one time why dontcha for pete's sake. Honestly.....
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    Freakin tacky looking color lmao
  8. nander's Avatar

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    If the 920 came in matte orange I'd give my black one back without pause. But that weird purple/blue hybrid? Nah
  9. kirthan's Avatar

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    the red looks great! so does white! oh and india hasnt got the htc 8x red :) i wish all colours would be available in all countries rather than limit it to only certain parts of the world. i still feel nokia n8 had the best colours on a phone!
  10. gsquared's Avatar

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    I have a white L920 and certainly do not feel its is feminine. They call it "The StormTrooper" for a reason. Heck, you can get a gel-skin in just about any color you want.
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