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    Hi all,

    I'm new to the WP community, having only recently got myself a Lumia 920. Part of the well publicized promotional drive by both Nokia and AT&T in the US is that all those signing up for AT&T Lumia 920 will get a wireless charging plate. That's the good news. The bad news is I in fact am still waiting for mine.

    I know that they said it up front that the promotion is subject to stock availability but I got my phone barely 5 days after the US release (Got my phone on November 15th). So if the stock is already out by then, it means that there must be very few at the beginning.

    My question is has anyone who ordered his or her phone around the same time or later than my order received the charging plate? I'm fighting with AT&T who claimed that the stock is now absolutely nowhere to be found and doesn't know when it will be filled, if ever again.

    So much for big promise that cannot be delivered!
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    Have you called AT&T? You should have it by now if you ordered then.
  3. Narun's Avatar

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    I did. They said the stock has been out for awhile. What really frustrates me is that the sale rep at the store in NYC where I got my phone said that I will receive it within 5 business days. It's been a month! Any advice on how I should proceed from this?
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    Got phone 11/9, no chargers in stock. They wrote our names and numbers on a sheet of paper, said they would call when they got them in. 11/26, got impatient and tried the AT&T online chat and they agreed to send me one. All this time I've been checking if my local store had them yet. 12/13 and my online order is still processing, but it said my local store had them in stock. I went straight to the store, explained my situation and the guy said he would take care of it. I walked away with my charger, over a month after I got the phone. Interestingly, my online order is still showing processing. Maybe I'll end up with two. If you haven't done so already, I would check all your local stores. Good Luck!
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    Purchased my phone on 12-13-12 in Southern California. The charger was mailed to me and I received it 3 days later. Perhaps I lucked out and a distribution center close to me just received a new shipment. I'm thinking AT&T may need to correct a mistake - suggest checking back with them.
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    me too, forever processing...
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    Mine has been shipped already after being ordered on Tuesday the 11th. I should get it tomorrow.
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    The "no charger in stock" excuse is BS. They have chargers in stock. I called AT&T to order mine last week and it was shipped overnight.
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    did u guys even follow up or u guys just waiting until they send you one? I've order 4 on my mobile plan and 3 of four shipped in a week, the last one they forgot to order.

    so I went into an att store to order the final one and they had it in stock st the store and I walked out with one.

    when dealing with att, u need to assume they will mess up your order and you need to stay on them. So call them.

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