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    It's been almost a month now i have been waiting to order Cyan lumia 920 but without any luck. I have been checking ATT and Amazon Wireless site almost every day and been asking ATT store representative when i can order one but all tries has led to no success. I found that Microsoft Online Store does have Cyan Lumia 920 but if i get from the MSFT Store i can't get free wireless charger as i would have got from ATT store. What would you guys suggest should i wait or buy it from Microsoft Store? #waitingsucks
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    you're really holding off on the phone for a free accessory? buy the accessory at the store. if you ask them nicely they'll probably give you a $25 coupon.
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    Just depends how important the $50 charging pad is compared to how long you can wait.

    Me... I'd get the phone and not worry about the charging plate.

    Then again you could see if the Microsoft Store would honor the free charging pad offer.

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