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    Windows phones have very good virtual keyboards but one thing that's missing in my opinion are arrow (< >) keys.
    HTC Android phones usually provide arrow keys and so does Swiftkey 3 for Android.

    I hope Microsoft is listening.

  2. ScottHillier's Avatar

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    Needs shortcuts too.

    Tired of typing my email address into websites. I had it mapped to @@ on the iPhone. Cant do that on WP8.
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    At first,, I was looking for the arrow keys also,, but if your reason for arrow keys is same as mine(to insert or edit characters in between characters),, u don't need arrow keys,,,check this thread:
    Tips and Tricks thread
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    The 920 has one of the worst keyboards i have ever used....Im constantly making mistakes.

    ...Istill love the phone though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pedro Hicken View Post
    The 920 has one of the worst keyboards i have ever used....Im constantly making mistakes.

    ...Istill love the phone though.
    Same, on my Focus I could try so fast and I'd always hit the right button. With the 920 I had a few times where keystrokes did not register or I made a typo.

    I feel like its because of this:

    I just keep telling myself I am not used to the phone yet, and soon I will be able to type on it just as well as the focus.

    Otherwise I feel like the keyboard is sufficient, like its always been. Just shortcuts to words would be nice, for when you type your email address for example.
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    There are <> keys on Lumia 920, you just need to first tap &123 key to get to the numbers and punctuations, then tap and hold ( and you get the choice of <{[ and if you tap and hold ) you get also >}]
    In fact you get a lot of choices if you try the tap and hold trick

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