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    meaning it doesn't let me navigate the phones folder system and drag/drop.
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    try doing windows updates, im on win7 and only zune detects my phone. ( i cant mount space)
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    I had strange connectivity issues with my 920 for a little while, it wouldn't detect as a drive. I disconnected my old iPhone (I was taking stuff off of it and it was still connected) and boom... 920 detected as a drive. Not sure why that would even matter but it did...
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    Your problem is XP, not the 920. Get rid of that antiquated OS and step up to at least Win7.
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    thanks for the help "inteller" what if the original poster can't just switch OS, if you can't help them then why bother saying anything. I myself am in the same situation and was looking for help, not sarky comments.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vinscg View Post
    try doing windows updates, im on win7 and only zune detects my phone. ( i cant mount space)
    i've never met anybody who owned a zune...

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