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    I realize that Nokia Drive is a beta but I have an unusual problem that I have not seen reported. Vocal turn by turn doesn't have give me spoken directionswhen I am connected to my Toyotas Bluetooth. The spoken turn by turn does work if I am not connected to Bluetooth or if I am running music thru the Bluetooth on my car. Very odd. Anyone else have this or know of a solution?
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    the 920 seems to be having issues with "certain" cars when it comes to bluetooth. for example, i have no problem with mine when it's paired with my gf's car (lexus gs350) but on my car it gets wacky (evolution x). phone freezes and i have to reset.
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    Just wanted to make sure, you did download the language pack to enable voice turn by turn?
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    I have the same issues. Noticed yesterday when I used Nokia Drive for the first time. I never heard any voice commands at all until I stopped and shut off the engine to double check it. I'm driving a VW Passat and the phone has frozen and crashed three times (twice when someone was calling me as I was calling someone else)

    It's frustrating and I hope it gets fixed soon!
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    Yes the language pack is dfownloaded and it works if I am not hooked up to the phone bluetooth

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