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    The color is kind of between yellow and white. Normal or not?
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    ttyl normal. it's just a plastic over a light
  3. guant0n's Avatar

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    Its normal. My focus s had really bright whites for the buttons. Nokia seems to like the off white, and I do too, it goes with my black 920, gives it a professional look.
  4. JPDVM2014's Avatar

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    Yep, it's normal. I asked this same question when I switched from an HTC Trophy to my Lumia 900. It is noticeable at first, but now I prefer it to the bright white.
  5. camaroguy's Avatar

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    My red one has bright white, my wife's black one has the slight yellow you speak of. My cyan 900 had the slight yellow as well, I wonder if it is a matte color vs glossy color thing?
  6. cflumia920's Avatar

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    No this is not normal. This is defintely a defect. I just received my second black lumia 920. The first one had a broken ear piece. This one came with the yellowish greenish buttons you speak of, unlike the first black lumia 920 which had bright white buttons. Real dissapointing. Hope #3 will have a working earpiece and the white buttons.

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