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  • 1 Post By crystal_planet
  1. Thenuges's Avatar

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    Ordered mine a week before thanksgiving, now its almost Christmas and still nothing. 😞
  2. jusatin's Avatar

    29 Posts
    Been waiting for mine for 3 weeks now. (Just got my phone yesterday, waited 3 weeks for it aswell)

    Ah, I live in Finland and I should get a free Fatboy wireless charging mat, so the Nokia thing and then the Fatboy pillow to go with it.
  3. decheng1218's Avatar

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    are you in the UK? i just got mine this morning! good luck buddy
  4. wpnokia920's Avatar

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    Mine just shipped yesterday order was placed a month ago.
  5. Thenuges's Avatar

    8 Posts
    I'm in Pennsylvania
  6. MacDaMachine's Avatar

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    Got mine. Originally I was supposed to have it on the 5th. USPS lost my package. I went back to ATT, they called up USPS. They told ATT that they will find it and send it. ATT didn't really care, and ordered me a second one. I got it Monday..
  7. Dex Da Rex's Avatar

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    Ordered mine when I got the Lumia when it first came out. So waiting over a month now. Probably will just go to AT&T today since everyone seems to be getting theirs but me.
  8. WOAHesco's Avatar

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    Ordered phone along with free wireless charger 11/22. I got the phone 12/3 and my charger just shipped yesterday and I'll be getting it tomorrow.
  9. pvn70's Avatar

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    I got my Lumia on the 9th nov and my free charger arrived yesterday on the 19th Dec, tooka while but it did arrive :)
  10. sstanton86's Avatar

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    Still haven't got mine, in the UK :( Order placed roughly a month ago!
  11. jarettp's Avatar

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    I bought mine on eBay. The Microsoft Store also had some.
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    I've been waiting for my free Charger since 1968. Preferably with the hemi. I'm starting to lose hope.
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    I phoned Nokia today and they told me they posted my charger out last Thursday and to expect it end of this week or beginning of next week but bear in mind they send it through Royal Mail so it might be later due to Christmas post.

    EDIT: Wow, I just received mine in the post. So Excited!!!
    Last edited by Muessig; 12-20-2012 at 10:39 AM.
  14. stueyboy's Avatar

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    Funnily enough, as I was reading this thread, the postman (UK) delivered mine. Ordered it about 3 weeks ago
  15. brado32's Avatar

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    Got phone on Nov 20th.. still no charging plate..

  16. LazyLemming's Avatar

    48 Posts
    Got mine on release day, still waiting. Supposedly they placed the order a little over 2 weeks ago (The guys at our local store didn't receive ANY information about the phone launch).
  17. Gken's Avatar

    211 Posts
    yup still haven't gotten mine, bought it at launch. I need to go call them again......sigh.
  18. SnailUK's Avatar

    1,007 Posts
    Got mine today, been almost a month since i ordered it.
  19. inside man 55's Avatar

    91 Posts
    Should be getting mine today, seems the rep in the store forgot to order it, even though I was charged for it, rep that finally took care of it said he has seen a few people with the same experience, can't wait, been waiting for a month
  20. Jealy666's Avatar

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    Got my free one in the mail today. Was surprised, didn't expect to see it until after the holidays.

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