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  1. Jiggernauts's Avatar

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    I have the Nokia Lumia 920 with Rogers however my television service provider is Bell Satellite TV.

    Because of this I cannot download the Bell TV apps for my PVR because I'm using a Rogers wireless device (despite paying for both).

    If I unlock my 920 but continue to use it on Rogers, can I download the carrier locked apps for bell?

    Any assistance on this topic would be beneficial.

    Thank you,
  2. mrshamoozoo's Avatar

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    nope not that i know of there is no way.
  3. SirMatt's Avatar

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    I bought my Lumia 920 from Rogers, unlocked it, and connected it to the Bell Mobility network. I was able to download and install the Bell Remote PVR app from the Microsoft Store.
  4. Jiggernauts's Avatar

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    I want/need to stay on Rogers though. Although it looks like I could unlock it, put in a bell SIM card, download the apps then put my Rogers SIM card back in to continue using my service.

    I don't see how the app could stop working after it is downloaded if it detects the Rogers network so this should work.

    Thank you for the info! Very much appreciated.
  5. discopotato420's Avatar

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    Hello, I have a Rogers 920, unlocked it, and now using it with Telus. When I go in app Store, the Telus section magically shows up.
  6. Omega Point's Avatar

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    The store selects which operator section you see based on the SIM card. My completely unbranded and factory unlocked Lumia 710 & 920's both had the Orange Apps available because I have an Orange SIM.I didn't see any apps disappear when removing the SIM, although the Orange Selections section vanished, but I don't think they update without a valid SIM.

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