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    After installing the Nokia Audio update yesterday I'm getting a strange problem. The speakers are working fine, nice and loud as normal when playing games, ringtones and listening to Nokia Music. However if I play any music stored on the phone via the Music + Videos player the volume is far too low. If I ramp it up to top volume I can barely hear anything with the phone next to my ear. Works fine with headphones.

    Anyone else having this weird problem?
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    tried rebooting?
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    I'm having the exact same issue. Rebooting the phone fixes the problem but issue returns randomly.
  4. Boggy79's Avatar

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    Off and On hasn't cleared the problem for me yet. Might try a forced reboot and see then.
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    Tried turning of the new future in Audio? Audio leveling? I noticed that the music played lower when turning it on.
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    Forced reboot has cleared for now.

    The Audio Levelling option was turned off but flicking it on didn't make a difference.

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