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    After downloading the Portico update yesterday I have seen an amazing differene in LTE coverage with AT&T. I am not getting the LTE indicator when I am in areas it previosuly said was "4G." Has anybody else gotten improved LTE coverage after this update?
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    I would agree with that too. In my basement office, I would have to set the phone on the edge of my desk just to get signal. Now I'm getting 2-3 LTE bars everywhere. Not sure if it's just displaying wrong or it's actually working.
  3. ryanj04's Avatar

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    yeah I am curious of it it is actually is LTE or not...
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    I've gotten the LTE indicator more often after the Portico update also. I'm in an area though that according to the network map on the AT&T website isn't a LTE area (in the valley, north of Los Angeles), so I wasn't sure if that map was out of date or if the indicator is incorrect.

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