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    Updated the phone. Now I cannot hear anything when I place a call. Normal way, and through speakerphone. Other caller cannot hear me either.

    I also cannot listen to voicemails.

    What gives...
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    Updated mine yesterday - a lot of voice quality issues in speaking with person on the other line hearing me. both of us had full signal, tried different parts of our own homes (even walking outside) and both of us did full reboots of our phones.

    No issues prior to the update either.
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    I had problems (before the update) and I went to the AT&T store. The rep said that since my speaker was working fine then it was problem a sim card issue. He switched out my simcard for free and now everything works fine (still just as good after the update).

    Maybe its just your simcard acting up.
  4. A_Hel's Avatar

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    I don't understand, how can they let it happen? The Portico update is obviously a big mistake!
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    Well, everything works here. Just reset your phone - softly.

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