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    Was hoping they would have included this. Makes it annoying when I'm laying in bed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LordXaero View Post
    Was hoping they would have included this. Makes it annoying when I'm laying in bed.
    true. But try to hold your phone slightly head down when you are in bed, the phone wouldnt rotate that way..Not sure if I state it clearly tho...
  3. KQ17's Avatar

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    Agreed. I want Rotation Lock plz.
  4. erzhik's Avatar

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    Rotation lock has been absent for a while now. It raises questions whether or not WP team even know how to implement it. This is a basic feature that all major smartphones have now. And yet, WP doesn't have it. It's getting really ridiculous.
  5. James8561's Avatar

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    this. please have rotation lock in the next update!
  6. Mr Manson's Avatar

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    Me too. When I am laying in bed it rotates when I don't want it to and it does not rotate when I want it to. Its kinda annoying. Giving user to Activate/Deactivate rotation would be great

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