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    is 15-20% per hour what you guys get roughly?

    seems pretty high, and I love playing this game on the go =(
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    Not sure of the percentage but yes, Wordament does drain my battery at a faster pace. It's the data dependency the game has.
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  3. Al_2's Avatar

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    Quote Originally Posted by akiman911 View Post
    is 15-20% per hour what you guys get roughly?

    seems pretty high, and I love playing this game on the go =(
    My 920 drains a similar amount playing Wordament. The phone also gets very hot!
  4. RagBuster's Avatar

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    Get about that percentage drop for 40 mins usage on mine. I do not see such a drop on my ipad though, the adverts at the bottom don't seem to be working on ipad at the moment though.
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    My battery drains about 15% and the phone gets fairly warm. One other thing, my keyboard will freeze for a couple of seconds. Anyone having that problem as well?
  6. MacDaMachine's Avatar

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    Phone gets warm for sure. It drains about 10% an hour. I've never played longer than an hour though.

    Meanwhile playing Chimpact, AE Jewels or Dredd v Zombies (new update) does about 4-5% an hour.

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