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    Hi, im on EE UK. Earlier i dropped my phone about 1ft when i got out my car. I might be a coincidence but now i can't seem to get a 3G signal. Went to do some shopping in town centre and could pick up weak a 2G signal. Now im out of town and back to my house i cant get any signal at all, even outside. Seems strange. No visible damage to phone at all
  2. alphonsohall's Avatar

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    Sounds to me like the internal antenna might have its connector plug dislodged?
  3. JammyGitz's Avatar

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    I first noticed it after putting the phone onto the wireless charging plate for the first time which i received today, but i hadn't checked my phone since this morning anyway
  4. JammyGitz's Avatar

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    I swear its the wireless charger, i put it on there this morning and lost signal again, and the screen goes dark. Had to switch the brightness to low and back to medium again to reset it

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