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    I had to switch Microsoft accounts so I did a phone reset. 5 hours later, the phone was still stuck in the infinite cogwheel animation screen. I tried to restore the device using nokia care suite and in the process, the update aborted itself. Now I'm stuck with a bricked phone where I can't even power the device on.

    Here's what I've tried:
    - pressing and holding the power+volume-down buttons for extended periods of time (with and without AC)
    - pressing and holding the power+volume-down+camera buttons for extended periods of time (with and without AC)
    - plugging it into the computer doesn't do anything
    - tried letting it charge for 5 hours -- no effect

    I'm out of options. Any idea as to what I should do?
  2. WPmunkey's Avatar

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    No options? You tellin me you missed the sticky "fix for bricked 920s"???
  3. andylifestyle's Avatar

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    ^ tried them all. no luck

    edit: that requires being able to hold the volume down + power button and make the phone vibrate, which I can't even do
  4. Fleon's Avatar

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    I have the same problem. Nokia and MS really need to get a better QA department. After putting my rep on the line by recommending WP8 to a number of friends based on my WP7 experience, I'm really not thrilled with how absolutely badly the last 2 months have been with this phone.
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    Same thing happened to me..
    During a software update a failed message appeared with no error number and the phone doesn't start up or respond to anything, including USB.

    Can anyone help.
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    Same thing happened to me as well. Try to figure out if there are ways to get it back but I doubt.
    Damn bad timing as I was about to send it to Nokia to get it checked for bad battery life.
    If they figure out it has a broken software update (to portico) I'm sure I know what they'll say. :)

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