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    Every week or so, I bring the phone out from a screen lock, and the display is enlarged by 4-500%? every screen/program I navigate to is the same super enlarged size. Resetting the phone is the only way to rectify the problem. Has anyone experienced this?
  2. RuleOfSines's Avatar

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    Try double tapping the screen with two fingers. There is a screen magnifier feature that can be turned on and off in Settings -> Ease of Access
  3. wvanellis's Avatar

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    OMG!!! I feel like such a moron!!! That was it!
  4. Pankajv's Avatar

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    I am also facing this problem...
    wvanellis can you please let me know this is the solution... for this problem..are you didn't face this problem...after disabling this option..

    pls reply
  5. bozza72's Avatar

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    Quote Originally Posted by wvanellis View Post
    OMG!!! I feel like such a moron!!! That was it!
    ha ha ha this had me for ages until i discovered that setting, its very handy to use when you know about it
  6. addicusbrown's Avatar

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    Thank you for the settings answer. This happens to me all the time and I've never been able to figure out why!
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    you can disable the option in the ease of access section under settings and turn off the screen magnifier option
  8. Neil Sergeant's Avatar

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    But why does it do this when it is just in my pocket and locked?? Surely this is a glitch in the phone?
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    I have the same problem. It comes and goes and is very frustrating. I can't even tell who is calling. I have spoken to At@t and they say it is a software issue blah blah blah!

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