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  1. jwaisanen's Avatar

    19 Posts
    I was prompted from my Store live tile to update several apps today, and "Accessories" was one of them. Anyone know what changed?
  2. #2  
    Haven't seen anything recent but the last update added a few performance tweaks and a new lockscreen feature for the charger stand.
  3. Omega Point's Avatar

    93 Posts
    I got the update this morning but cannot see any changes, unless the sun in the weather images on the lockscreen wasn't colour before.
  4. rabc_nesbitt's Avatar

    4 Posts
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    10 Global Posts
    I can pin the store app to the front screen on a Tile, but I dont see the option (it is not shown on lockscreen setttings) to make it a live tile. How do you do that please ??
  5. Omega Point's Avatar

    93 Posts
    The stores tile is always live, there isn't an option to turn it on or off.
  6. jiayit's Avatar

    302 Posts
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    338 Global Posts
    If the update doesn't show up, give it a day or two, or you may want to manually update it.
  7. devize's Avatar

    236 Posts
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    242 Global Posts
    The nokia accessories settings page loads up way quicker now. I used to have to wait for ages for it to load but now it's pretty much instant like the rest of the OS.
  8. naeem151287's Avatar

    274 Posts
    Got an update for Panorama as well, along with Accessories.
  9. DaytonaGTS's Avatar

    42 Posts
    I loaded the update on the 2nd, and ever since I took my phone off the charger it has made a miraculous turn around, for the battery life at least. Just a few days ago my battery would go dead with in 8 hours with little use at all. This morning I took a screen shot just before work; 1 day 7 hours 68% remaining. This is with normal use also, Texting, some long like my feedback to AT&T. I browsed the net about 30 min, watched a couple vids on where to find terminals for Halo4. Made a few phone calls. The only apps I have installed are WPcentral, FB, I have a shortcut link on my home page to Waypiont and a speed test app everything elses has been deleated even all the apps that load from the factory. I was just amazed last night when I was using the phone but the battery was't really going down I'm still having rebooting issues and have noticed a 1% - 2% drop every reboot, so in the dozen or more reboots from yesterday that may have taken up a good portion of the battery itself.

    Unfortunatly this phone is in the process of getting replaced because of the reboot issue, but I thought it was a strange coincidence.
  10. Ron Garrison's Avatar

    4 Posts
    Was hoping this latest update would turn off the capacitive buttons while on the charging stand but it does not. Its so frustrating that you can adjust the clock brightness but the capacitive buttons stay lit. Come on nokia, fix this flaw! Also stays lit when watching movies..annoying!
  11. Mr. Tofu's Avatar

    233 Posts
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    249 Global Posts
    Yeah I agree, buttons ate still on! I read in another post (comments page on front page story of this update on wpcentral) that for a certain user,the capacitive buttons turned off. Not for mine...
  12. tibere86's Avatar

    52 Posts
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    56 Global Posts
    Noticed today my capacitive buttons flash on and off annoyingly while on calls. Not sure if it was always the case or not. I just happened to be on a call while looking in the bathroom mirror.

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