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    Hello everybody,

    I'm wondering if there is a website or something were you could actually see the Nokia Lumia 920 Benchmarks tests scores compared to iPhones or Androids? Or it is impossible to set standars for comparison?
  2. JonesCK1's Avatar

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    I've seen one website do a Sunspider comparison and the L920 beat both S3 and i5 but I don't think there are many of these comparisons out there, most people try to focus on real world usage comparisons.
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    ^ What he said.

    On paper does not matter. It's how the phone performs.
  4. DaviTheGreat's Avatar

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    I totally agree with you guys about the performing on daily usage, however :D, some us like to know with numbers how good the phone is, you know just comparison purposes (more like arguments to back up the performance :P) You know you always find that one who brags about his/her phone.

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