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    Just picked up my new Lumia 920 (flat black) yesterday and so far, I am loving it!

    Phone history: I had used every iPhone ever made to include the iPhone 5 which I purchased in September, 2012. My extreme disappointment over the iPhone 5 prompted me to get the HTC One X Plus, which I loved its size and weight, but WTF!! The operating system was easy to use yet very complicated to understand. I kept it for 13 days attempting to let the learning curve catch up with me........ FAIL.

    I read through this forum for several days because I desired an easy to use, "flagship" phone that would meet my needs for work as well as fun. Despite the reported problems that seem to permeate all forums, I eagerly went and purchased (traded the HTC) the 920. Within about 1 hour, I understood completely how this phone functions and had my screen set up perfectly for me!

    I picked up the Speck case for it when I picked it up. I am (as with all phones) constantly in search of a case that protects the phone yet doesn't distract from the phones bare appeal...... Drives me crazy! After looking around at cases, I am tempted to simply cover this with an invisible shield and call it a day!

    Lastly, my only gripe is that when I open Facebook, it refreshes as designed, but I have to scroll up to the new posts...

    Glad to be with you guys and gals!

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    Welcome. Best of luck with your new device.
  3. cuzincurly's Avatar

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    good luck with your lumia, you will love it :)
  4. atgnag's Avatar

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    Enjoy! It's a great device.

  5. jdhooghe's Avatar

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    Rex: It's the where you last left off function. Time goes up on the app so it is important to see it as a timeline...or so Facebook says. Think of it as something to keep track of where you are at
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  6. Nimdock's Avatar

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    Instead of opening a new thread I'll just add to this one.

    I just received my new Lumia 920. Exciting! :D :D

    Coming from an HTC Arrive.


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