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    Every since learning that hitting the back button closes down the pages, and background "processes" on my lumia, I've been doing it religiously almost because I had the mindset that it will help out battery life. Well to be honest, I'm tired of doing it and its a pain in the ***, I like just hitting the home windows button. Does it really matter to battery life that much if say, I have internet explorer, messaging, phone, and mail all open in the "background"?
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    Nope, you shouldn't see too much of an issue, unless you have something that uses a lot of those background processes (like music) running at the same time. And a lot of those can be controlled in settings->applications->background tasks. In there, you can say what is allowed to use CPU when they aren't the app currently pulled up.
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    Iirc it doesnt matter at all. I do it tho, even if it is counterproductive.

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