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  1. bigkevbosky's Avatar

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    Ok so here's the real battery drain problem.

    Battery checking tiles, lock screens, whatever.

    I had installed/uninstalled and tested NUMEROUS battery "live tile" and battery "lockscreen" apps, and I find that the drain while idle is ALWAYS these apps.

    I would get 1 or 2% battery drain per FOUR HOURS with screen off and idle with no battery check live tile or app installed. Yesterday I installed windowsphonehacker's Lock Widgets, which puts the weather and battery percentage on the lockscreen.

    Today I had a 2 hour meeting where my phone was in my pocket, screen off, with no activity. I lost 30% battery in those 2 hours, from 99% to 69%.

    I've unstalled the Lock Widgets app and I GUARANTEE after a restart my battery drain will be fixed.

    I know it sucks, but please stay away from those battery apps. They kill the battery more than anything else.
  2. philpeeps's Avatar

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    I have had Battery Level for WP8 installed for 2 months now and only had a couple of days with the battery drain you describe. Today I have received probably 50 messages, 10 emails, played gamed for ~30-45 minutes, had my battery live tile pinned and and sitting at 81% since taking it off the charger 8 hours ago.
  3. steeleblue's Avatar

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    I have WeatherFlow on my lock screen. It displays weather (current temp, 5 day forecast), Battery Level for WP8, email, calendar, voicemail and texts, on my lockscreen. My idle battery drain was pretty much 0% prior to Portico. After the update I was losing about 10%/hour for almost a week. I didn't change anything on my phone and now it's back to pretty much 0% at idle.

    Maybe you should try a different lockscreen app. It may be that app rather than every app that does these things.
  4. dkp23's Avatar

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    battery app not the issue...

    On phones i've had battery issues, the issues remained after removing the battery app.

    On phones whre the battery was fine, the batter remained fine with battery app and with no battery app.
  5. Squatting Hen's Avatar

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    I too believe this is the cause. Must be a glitch with certain apps on certain phones with certain apps. My live tiles stopped working today and as soon as I noticed it, I looked at the battery saver. It said over 5 days. It is still extreamly high, much higher than normal, because I still can't get my live tiles to work. When they are working, I maybe have a days worth of battery. Granted I would rather have the live tiles working. It actually sucks right now, as the only thing I have left to do is a hard reset. For me at this time of the day I would normally be around 50-60% consistantly. Today, because my stupid live tiles are not working, I am at 92%. Nothing different excpet live tiles are not working.

    Hard reset is coming tonight.
  6. pdskep's Avatar

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigkevbosky View Post
    Battery checking tiles, lock screens, whatever.
    I can guarantee you that's not my problem. The only one of those I have is Battery Tile and Log and I have no issue with it. I had an intermittent drain like your before I downloaded that and continue to have. I can go days with spectacular battery life and then all of a sudden..wham.

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