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    Despite optimistic headlines, I called Vodafone today to be told mid to end of February.
    No confirmation of available colours.

    I have made a web doc illustrating the point here:
    Please let me know if things change or are incorrect.

    Point is, MONTHS and MONTHS after being announced and available - the UK still has very few options to obtain the Lumia 920.
    And certainly very few places to get WHITE (WHICH IS THE ONE MOST PEOPLE WANT NOKIA YOU *******)
    Honestly, I am fairly patient. But it is no wonder Apple slaughter these people when it comes to selling product.

    A frustrated Englishman
    p.s. Yes I know I can go via shady resellers, but I want to purchase direct for after sales support purposes with legit handsets.
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    Phones4U claims to have available 920s (sim "free" but locked to EE). I ordered a red one 3 days ago but it hasn't been dispatched yet. I called them today and they assured me it is in stock.... They say it will be delivered on Monday. I hope they are right...
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    Well it had a exclusivity period with EE so you could only get it on EE just as many other phones do,, that period is just coming to an end with voda and three both set to carry it within the next month or so. So it should get alot better

    btw worth the wait got me a black one on EE
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    it's not just UK, even online reseller don't have an estimate for Yellow and Grey 920...and when are we expecting the phone to come? Febuary? March, Summer 2013? this is getting ridiculous...
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    It seems they will ship my red 920 tonight. Hope to get it tomorrow as they wrote...

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