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    Is nyone else experiencing this? I have my phone plugged into usb charging and using internet sharing. I unplug phone from charger or start my car and screen will freeze up and become unresponsive I then have to reboot, vol- + power to reset it. This is my second 920 from ATT and im not sure if I need to replace it or if its a software issue.
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    Yepp, same thing happens here.
    I am now switching to "Flight mode" when I am charging, and I have less freezes ... Random reboots still happens. I have also tried to minimize the number of background tasks (basically you have to disable everything which makes your "smart phone" smart)
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    Well, for me it only happens when I'm tethering to tablet with Bluetooth enabled. I tweeted @WinPhoneSupport and they said they were looking into it. You might want to send them a tweet there very responsive.
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    I've usually found lockups to be related to an app. Then I end up thinking back to what I had recently installed, and removing those apps. Usually solves the problem, and I try to email the developers/publishers and let them know.

    Case in point, bubble star. Fun game, but was locking my 920 up every few hours inexplicably. Removed it, haven't had a lockup since. Emailed random salad, and they're looking into it.
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    Nokia issue Not Resolved-Please Read 920 owners

    Here is the new thread I started on this issue. Charging has nothing to do with it it is a Bluetooth/internet sharing conflict.

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