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    I know the app drains battery life.

    For example, I had WhatsApp installed, and I had WiFi kept on option, and my battery completely drained in 3 hours.

    What exactly is causing WhatsApp to drain the battery? :( I love this app, but I can't use it because I only get 3 good hours with it.
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    When i first got whatsapp, i had issues with whatsapp receiving/sending messages while on Wifi. I would get notifications for messages and i would go in and not see it. I would have to close out a few times to finally get it. If you send a text, same thing, you will see the circle clock instead of checkmark that it was sent for a bit. You can tell the app was struggling to receive and send messages on wifi. Once i turned off wifi and used on data, it was quicker, but still, there is a drain. Im guessing it struggles with connectivity.
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    It uses audio streaming APIs. So constantly it keeps your phone busy trying to connect and download small bit of (kbs) data all the time. Even when your phone is sleeping. If you are on WiFi, this behaviour keeps the phone awake. Hence the battery drain. Nothing will change with this app behaviour till the developer uses normal push notifications like Kik and Viber, which are again unreliable at the best. They aren't regular.
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    Well atleast it should have option to turn off this audio hack.
    I just started to use WhatsApp on WP8 and this is just stupid battery killer.
    On 3G it's better as 3G chip can go to low-power mode if there's not too much data, but when you enable WiFi then it keeps it constantly on, thus draining the battery in one day (i get normally 2-3 days on battery)
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