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    Why doesn't the screen protectors cover the whole screen? Ive bought 3 different types from ebay and each one has a gap of around 3mm around the edges. Cant they just do a full screen?
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    I started a thread about this a week or so ago: Full-Sized Screen Protectors?

    It looks like the vast-majority of them don't unless you go for the "Wet" types.
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    I just got the ZAGG, took some patience getting it on but it works really well Nokia Lumia 920 Screen Protector | invisibleSHIELD by ZAGG
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    Cheers guys 😃
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    The Clarivue ones look good
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    I think the bend is too sharp on the edges of the screen, without enough glass to stick well. The screen protector will just pull off and return to its flat shape, without really sticking.
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    Yeah was just using a Zagg invisible shield. Just took it off and their is an enormous scratch on my screen. When I put it on there the screen was perfect out of the box... not really sure what happened.
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    No offense to the board administrators, but I bought the bodyguardz "anti-glare" from the store here and they're just horrendous.

    Ordered one of the "wet" types from Amazon. Hoping it'll be better.
  9. RN50's Avatar

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gavinr98 View Post
    I just got the ZAGG, took some patience getting it on but it works really well Nokia Lumia 920 Screen Protector | invisibleSHIELD by ZAGG
    Just put this screen protector on and its really good. Covers the whole screen just about and it gives a nice feel to the phone to.
    Its hard to get on but well worth it az u don't get any bubbles.
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    hey guys, does the ZAGG invisibleSHIELD for the lumia 920 (whole cover that is) cover the side as well? if it doesn't i think i might just get the ghost armor because it covers the sides too.

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