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    So i was trying to call this guy who owes me money so i could tell him where we could meet. Everytime i called him he just couldnt hear me but i could hear him.. And i thought what a lil' POS.
    But I decided to try calling my co-worker and realized it was my phone.

    The mic didnt work when i was on a call unless the speaker phone was one. I reset the phone and then it started working fine. This was a 2013/11/18. Same problem happened yesterday, 2013/11/19.
    Called a friend who could'nt hear me. Then i put it on the speaker phone and it worked fine. And offcourse it had to be one of those people who gave me flack for switching to windows phone because of no iMessage.

    But anyhoo, has anyone seen/experienced this problem?

  2. kmirarchi's Avatar

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    I am having the same issue. People cannot hear me at the beginning of the phone call or ask if they are on speaker because they can't understand me. Most of the time it goes away in a few seconds but yesterday I called someone 4 times and they could not hear me at all no matter what I did. If this continues I don't know if I can keep this phone.
  3. jorki's Avatar

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    Exactly the same problem.

    At first I thought it was dirt in the mic, so cleaned it and no luck. Next I thought it was dirt in the noise reduction mic (next to the headphone socket). Still no joy.

    Massive downfall in an otherwise quality phone.
  4. pcdrtb's Avatar

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    I had one phone where the problem was intermittent. My next phone happened on every call. If i switched to speaker phone the problem went away on both phones. My third phone has been ok so far.
  5. joeynox's Avatar

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    3 phones had this issue. My 4th hasn't had this. These phones are poorly constructed
  6. parez81's Avatar

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    I haven't had the problem since my post but then again I don't really talk much on the phone.
  7. Robert Marqusee's Avatar

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    I have the same issue - and it is so annoying - I had to put my SIMS into my old Samsung Galaxy - just so that I could have good communication.

    I just wish Nokia would acknowledge known issues - and indicate whether is a software or hardware issue. It is extremely frustrating.

    Otherwise, I love the 920 - but cannot recommend it because of this issue. A phone should actually act like a phone.
  8. milomi's Avatar

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    I am having the same issue. This is my 2nd 920, as the first was replaced for the proximity sensor issue. Has anyone come up with a good fix, or do I just need to head back to the store for another (*sigh*) warranty replacement?
  9. mcdanjw's Avatar

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    I'm having this problem too... doesn't sound like sending it back to Nokia is the best idea.

    I haven't been able to figure out a pattern to the issue. It happens in completely quiet rooms sometimes, and noisy ones too.

    At least the speakerphone seems to function all the time.
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    Same, trying to get my phone replaced.
  11. parez81's Avatar

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    The original problem did not happen again but i had a different problem. People could hear me but they couldn't understand me. (No, i wasn't talking gibberish.). Too much static or something. So called at&t and got a new one yesterday. So far so good.
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    I had this issue too. I took a pin and cleaned out the 5 small holes on the top of the phone for the mic. So far so good ... it's been issue free for about 5 days.
  13. reyfbernardo's Avatar

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    Didn't have this problem at all...
  14. edtiu's Avatar

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    Mine also has this. In 10 calls I have maybe 3 mic problem. Hope this is only a software issue.
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    I faced the same problem, All that you need to do is to clean the mic at the top of the phone and also at the bottom with a pin.

    be carefull, do not press hard.
  16. lumia011's Avatar

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    Everybody, please join and vote to get this problem fixed:

    to solve a problem with the microphone
  17. sinime's Avatar

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    I've had a similar issue on a couple of calls, but just positioning the base of the phone closer to my mouth seamed to fix it... I think I was just holding the phone angled to far out.
    My Apps: PIP (WP8 - Compass / Flashlight), Beer Knurd (WP7/8)
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    I had this problem with my Lumia 920. It's a hardware fault. You need the phone changing. DO NOT STICK PINS IN THE PHONE as it will damage the phone. People suggest this as it sound logical but it needs changing. I sent my phone once to the shop I bought the phone from and 3 times..yes..3 times to Nokia themselves before they agreed to change it. It has to be sent to their repair team 3 times before they will do this.

    I hope this has helped someone out there


    Joe (London)
  19. razvanfaget's Avatar

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    The problem with this phone could be a broken pin on the phone's board.
    I had problems with cortana not hearing me and as I read on other forums the problem was a borken pin, and it was like that from the factory.
    Please excuse my bad english.
  20. 1airlee's Avatar

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    I've the same problem. Please tell me how to solve this. Hardware or software ?

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